About Nanoworx Car Care

A car wash and detailing shop that started with a couple's tiny home garage in 2016, Nanoworx Car Care has already gone a long way in the car care industry. It was gradually built from the ground up in a city where businesses work hard to survive.

With a mission to deliver outstanding car care services in Tarlac and to nearby towns and provinces, Nanoworx Car Care continues to upgrade to cater to every possible car owner's needs.

Combining excellent-quality services and creative marketing that genuinely delivers its promises is one of the keys to Nanoworx Car Care's current good standing. Meet the couple behind the formula:

Meet the Owners/Founders

Nanoworx Car Care Owners

Nanoworx Car Care Owner JN

Head, Owner, Co-Founder, and Husband.

The idea of building a car-related business came from Jn's love for cars and his obsession with cleanliness. When his father-in-law bought a 1988 Chrysler Lebaron from a junkyard in Angeles City in 2009, Jn suddenly got exposed to networks of car mechanics and enthusiasts. That was the moment he didn't know he was waiting for.

Nanoworx Car Care has become an extension of his life. All the car care services the shop offers now are carefully crafted from his meticulous attitude, frustrations from other car wash shops he used to visit before the shop existed, and the need for more availability of the car care services they used to seek within the city.

He's pretty hands-on when it comes to the business. It's not unusual to see him washing cars, installing ceramic tints, buffing vehicles, etc., on-site. He never minds his hands getting dirty, as his main eternal goal is to release each car with a huge smile on each owner's face.

Nanoworx Car Care Owner Anj DC
Anj DC

Co-Owner, Co-Founder, Marketing Head, Social Media Specialist, Editor, Publisher, and Wife.

Anj, the wife, is a 13-year SEO and SMM Professional working for international clients. She is also "The Coffee Mom."

Contrary to what many believe, the name "Nanoworx Car Care" was Anj's idea. "Nano" came from the shop's first car cleaning product brand that uses Nanotechnology, while "Worx" came from their dream of upgrading their car product selling gig to a car care center offering a wide range of services.

Whenever there's a new post, online ad, promotion, announcement, write-up, media exposure, and even a sarcastic answer to a keyboard warrior's comment on Nanoworx Car Care's social media accounts, Anj is behind it.

The official blog and website of Nanoworx Car Care? Read all the content using her voice because she's also behind it.

She's working full-time, baking for The Coffee Mom, writing articles for this blog, promoting both Nanoworx and The Coffee Mom on various social media platforms, editing photos and videos, and caring for their three children, so don't wonder if you don't see her on-site too often.

However, Anj is open to local and international marketing collaborations and gigs for all types of businesses (except for Tarlac-based car care-related shops). You may email her here.
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