Premium Carwash Services in Tarlac City by Nanoworx Car Care

Premium Carwash Services in Tarlac City by Nanoworx Car Care

At Nanoworx Car Care Services, we understand your car deserves the utmost attention and care to maintain its pristine condition. Our premium carwash services have been thoughtfully crafted to cater to car enthusiasts seeking superior care for their cherished automobiles.

With a passion for perfection and a team of experienced professionals, we take pride in delivering an unparalleled carwash experience that goes beyond the surface, leaving your vehicle immaculate and revitalized.

Step into the realm of exceptional car care as we pamper your car with the finest treatments, ensuring it remains a shining testament to your impeccable taste. Explore our range of premium carwash services and indulge your vehicle in the luxury it deserves.

1. Basic Carwash

Our Basic Carwash is similar to most Premium Carwash Packages of other carwash shops. It includes vacuuming, washing and shampooing, drying, and applying tire black.

2. Premium Carwash

Our Premium Carwash is one-of-a-kind. It includes vacuuming, washing and shampooing, drying, applying protectant inside, outside, and underneath (under chassis), and finishing with car spray wax and tire black. In addition to that, this package also has a 24-hour warranty against rain. Bring your car back to us within 24 hours for a Free Body Wash if it gets wet due to rain.

3. Hydro Sealant Wash and Treatment

Nanoworx Car Care's Hydro Sealant Wash and Treatment is the only one in Central Luzon. This includes the whole package of a Premium Carwash. The only difference in a Hydrosealant Wash is the "Hydro Sealant" applied to protect the wax and your car's paint and clear coat. This sealant provides a hydrophobic effect and the same benefits as Ceramic Coating but with a shorter life span, about 8 to 12 months, with proper maintenance.

4. HydroSealant Booster Wash

Includes the whole Premium Carwash package plus Hydrosealant Booster. Only those previously availed of the Hydrosealant Wash package can receive Hydrosealant Boosters.

5. Car Ceramic Coating Maintenance Wash

This package suits cars with ceramic coatings. This carwash service uses a 3-way bucket and different shampoos and chemicals to prevent the existing ceramic coating from wearing off and getting scratched by standard carwash methods.

6. Engine Wash (Water and Waterless)

We offer water and waterless engine wash services to prevent your engine from rusting and clogging.

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