Nanoworx Car Care's Annual Year-End Raffle is Back This 2023!

Nanoworx Car Care and The Coffee Mom Year-End Raffle 2023

The end of the year is approaching, and with it comes the return of the much-celebrated Year-End Raffle from Nanoworx Car Care and The Coffee Mom!

A tradition steeped in gratitude, this raffle is a token of appreciation for the loyal patrons of both establishments, commemorating another successful year with a slew of magnificent prizes.

First Prize: Free Nano Graphene Coating with Full Exterior Detailing

Nano Graphene Coating by Nanoworx Car Care Tarlac City

This year’s raffle boasts an enhanced prize pool, headlined by the coveted First Prize: Nanoworx Car Care's cutting-edge Premium Nano Graphene Coating with Full Exterior Detailing.

This top-tier service by Nanoworx promises to elevate the paintwork of the winning vehicle to new levels of durability and brilliance.

The graphene coating is known for its exceptional hardness and resistance to environmental elements, ensuring that the car not only glistens with a showroom-quality finish but is also shielded against scratches, UV rays, and chemical stains.

Second Prize: Free Paint Protection Film (PPF) Application on Headlights

Paint Protection Film on Headlights by Nanoworx Car Care Tarlac City

The Second Prize is no less impressive, offering Nanoworx Car Care's Superior Paint Protection Film for headlights. This prize is a car enthusiast’s dream, providing a near-invisible protective layer against road debris, oxidation, and clouding.

Nanoworx Car Car's Paint Protection Film not only maintains clarity and improves the lifespan of the headlights but also enhances road safety by ensuring optimal lighting during nighttime drives.

Third Prize: Free Hydro Sealant Wash and Treatment

Hydro Sealant Wash and Treatment by Nanoworx Car Care Tarlac City

The Third Prize winner will indulge in a luxurious Hydro Sealant Wash & Treatment, Nanoworx Car Care's exclusive advanced car care solution that leaves vehicles with stunning gloss and hydrophobic protection.

This exclusive treatment by Nanoworx Car Care creates a water-repelling surface that makes maintenance a breeze, as dirt and grime wash away with less effort, keeping cars cleaner for longer.

Other Consolation Prizes

A series of consolation prizes ensures that numerous participants end the year with a smile. From car care products to vouchers, the raffle is designed to spread joy to many customers.

The Mechanics

The raffle mechanics are simple: every visit earns the customer a ticket to the raffle, with more visits translating to more chances to win.

This excludes basic carwash and non-ordering customers at the coffee shop. Tickets can be collected from the welcoming staff of The Coffee Mom.

The Grand Draw

Nanoworx Car Care and The Coffee Mom Year End Raffle 2023

The excitement culminates on December 30, 2023, with a live drawing via Facebook Live, where the winners will be celebrated in what promises to be a festive and engaging event.

Nanoworx Car Care is situated at a prime location at 30 Perez Avenue San Sebastian Village Gate 3, Tarlac City - a convenient spot for car enthusiasts and coffee lovers alike, nestled behind notable landmarks such as Hotel Sogo and Geely, and within the shared space of The Coffee Mom.

Customers are invited to call 0977-822-4887 for more information or to visit the Nanoworx Car Care official website at to learn more about the premium services and the raffle event.

As the year winds down, Nanoworx Car Care and The Coffee Mom are gearing up to make the festive season unforgettable. With a blend of high-end car care and community cheer, they are set to send off the year with a grand gesture of customer appreciation.

🌟MAY NAGBABALIK!🎁 Nandito na po ulit ang ating Year-End Raffle!🎄 As a way of showing our gratitude to both Nanoworx Car...

Posted by Nanoworx Car Care Products and Services on Thursday, 2 November 2023
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