Elevate Your Car’s Hygiene with UVGI at Nanoworx Car Care

UV Germicidal Irradiation at Nanoworx Car Care in Tarlac

Tarlac City holds a gem that's revolutionizing car care - Nanoworx Car Care Services. As the city's premier and exclusive premium carwash and car care destination, we're setting new benchmarks in automotive hygiene.

We're proud to present our latest offering, UV Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) for cars – a groundbreaking service beyond surface-level cleanliness, ensuring your vehicle's environment is as sanitary and safe as possible.

What is UV Germicidal Irradiation?

What is UV Germicidal Irradiation?

UVGI is a scientifically-backed method using ultraviolet (UV) light, particularly UV-C, to incapacitate harmful microorganisms. Targeting these pathogens' DNA or RNA ensures they are ineffective and harmless.

How Often Should You Opt for UVGI?

How Often Should You Opt for UVGI?

For optimum results and to maintain a consistently safe and sanitized vehicle environment, we recommend our customers to avail of the UVGI service every month. Regular treatments ensure your car remains a haven, free from harmful pathogens, and provides a fresh ambiance.

The Nanoworx Promise: Why UVGI is Essential

Why UVGI is Essential

  • Ensured Fresh Air Circulation: Cars can easily trap and circulate airborne pathogens in closed environments. Regular UVGI treatments ensure every breath inside your vehicle remains untainted and pure.
  • Surface-Level to Deep Clean: Regular cleaning can rid your car of visible dirt, but UVGI dives deeper. It ensures every inch is sanitized, from the dashboard to the tiniest crevices.
  • Protection Shield: Regular UVGI sessions protect against mold and mildew, especially in a humid climate like ours in Tarlac City.
  • Revitalize Your Car's Ambiance: Beyond sanitation, UVGI plays a pivotal role in keeping your car smelling fresh by eradicating odor-causing bacteria.
  • Proactive Safety: In these health-conscious times, proactive measures are crucial. UVGI isn't just a service; it's a health investment, ensuring each drive is free from potential health hazards.

Nanoworx Car Care's UVGI is Tested and Proven Effective

Pee on Car Carpet

Last September 2, 2023, a first-time customer availed of Nanoworx Car Care's UVGI and Bac-to-Zero combo promo. Days before he visited our shop, his little niece accidentally peed on the passenger seat and carpet.

He immediately cleaned the carpet and seat, but the unpleasant urine smell remained. That's when he finally decided to seek professional help.

After our assessment, the first recommendation was our Deep Cleaning service, which would cost ₱1,500. Unfortunately, his budget wasn't ready.

I advised him to try the combo of Bac-to-Zero and UVGI first since we were offering it for free that day. If the smell didn't disappear, he could return and proceed with the deep cleaning.

He went back a week later for a carwash. When I asked him about the smell, he happily told me that the combo of Bac-to-Zero and UVGI worked. Now, he's one of Nanoworx Car Care's regulars.

Choose Nanoworx for a Holistic Car Care Experience

Choose Nanoworx for a Holistic Car Care Experience

Your car is more than just a means of transport – it's an extension of you. And at Nanoworx Car Care Services, we believe it deserves nothing but the best. Our UVGI service provides not just cleanliness but an unparalleled level of hygiene.

In a world where health and well-being are paramount, it's not just about keeping your car clean; it's about ensuring a safe space for you and your loved ones. Our UVGI service is our commitment to this ethos.

Join the ranks of those who prioritize health and luxury. Avail a UVGI session with Nanoworx Car Care Services today and transform every drive into a journey of peace, purity, and unparalleled luxury.
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